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RGi maintains complete confidentiality in every one of our client relationships. To that end, we agree to:

Hold all confidential or proprietary information or trade secrets
in trust and confidence. Such information will be used only for the contemplated purpose, and not used for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party. Copies of any written, printed or electronic information will be made or retained only within the scope of our service to our clients.This information will not be disclosed to any employee or consultant unless they agree to execute and be bound by our code of confidentiality.

Intellectual Property Right Protection Notice

RGi is involved in the development of new ideas and products
on a daily basis. As such, we take very seriously our duty
to safeguard any copyrights, trademarks, patents and the intellectual
property rights of not only our clients and the products we
manufacture for them, but to any rightful holder of intellectual
property. Just as we are committed to the stewardship of these
ideas and inventions, we require an agreement from our clients
that they, too, respect intellectually protected properties.
We make every effort to ensure that neither we nor our clients
violate any such protected properties.

Contact us for a copy of our complete policy on Intellectual Property Rights protection.

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